Grammar Book Full Blast 1

Grammar Book Full Blast 1
Sabah: Five girls in your family! Wow! Are any of your sisters
Badria: Yes, one is married, and the others are all single.
I’ve got a little nephew and a little niece.
Sabah: So, you’re an aunt.
Badria: Yeah. I’m an aunt! How about you?
We use the Present Progressive:
. for actions that are happening now, at the moment of speaking. I am cooking now.
1. Mary has got rollerblades.
2. Harry and Mary have got a game console.
3. Harry has got a new mobile phone.
4. Mary hasn’t got black sunglasses.
5. Harry has got a red cap.

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    اففففففففففف اكره أصلن مااحب اذكر احب اكون على المسلسلات مسلسل مكانك في القلب وهو القلب كله الجزء السادس وكله الاجزاء

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