Traveller 4 Student’s Book

That’s incredible! Traveller 4 Unit 1
talk about mysterious and unusual events/incidents
talk about interesting buildings and landmarks
learn how to sequence past actions and events
learn how to report statements, questions, commands and requests
learn to write a description of a place/building and a story
acquire skills and strategies that will help you in exams
Unit 2 On the move Traveller
learn how to check into and out of a hotel, how to change a
hotel and flight reservation and how to talk about air travel
talk about means of transport, types of holidays and holiday
learn how to emphasise an action using the Passive Voice
learn how to express reason, concession and purpose using
appropriate clauses
learn to write a paragraph and an essay expressing your
a dialogue between two young women
a text about using new technology in language learning
an announcement about a course in Islamic Art
an article about restaurants using new technology
a short text about a trendy way to keep fit

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