Full Blast 5

A. Discuss.
Do you talk with your friends on the phone a lot?
What do you talk about?
Do you think having a mobile helps you make
plans when going out?
B. Look at the pictures and guess. What do you think
is happening? Listen to the dialogues and check your
answers. Then read them out in groups.
1. Why is Ollie asking for ideas?
2. How often does Snowboy go snowboarding?
3. What does Snowboy think of skateboarding?
4. What does Backflipper think of rollerblading?
5. What does Wipeout think is boring?
6. Which is the oldest board sport?
7. Why doesn’t Ollie want to try skysurfing?
8. Who knows what trampboarding is?
Muna is a big fan of pottery. She’s got a big collection at home.
2. Oliver can’t stand listening to the news. It gives him a headache.
3. Aisha is interested in sewing. She wants to learn how to make her own clothes.
4. Mary is fond of chocolate. She sometimes eats a bit too much.
5. Yusef finds magazines boring. He rarely reads them.
6. My sister and I are really into reading. We’ve got hundreds of books

B. Read again and write T for True, F for False
or NM for Not Mentioned.
1. Most Americans have more than
one pair of jeans.
2. The sailors in Genoa used to wear
stonewashed jeans in the 16th century.
3. A merchant sold jeans to German
4. Jeans sell more than any
other clothes today.
5. Stonewashed jeans are not difficult
to make.
6. Fashion designers’ jeans are quite

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