Workbook Full blast 1

1. Mahmood is tall and slim. He’s got short dark hair.
2. Peter is tall and he’s got short fair hair. He isn’t slim. He’s chubby.
3. Anthony’s got short fair hair, too. He’s tall, but he isn’t chubby. He’s slim.
4. Brian is short and slim. He hasn’t got fair hair. He’s got long dark hair.
My best friend, Deena, is 14 years old and she can speak Arabic,
English and French. Deena is a good student, but she isn’t very
good at Art. She can’t draw or paint well. But she’s crazy about
photography. She’s got three cameras and can take beautiful
pictures. She’s got a lot of pictures of her cat. Her name is Ginger.
Deena’s got trendy clothes and she’s crazy about accessories. She’s

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