Super Goal 2 Work Book

Luke is writing a story for English class.
Look at the photos. Complete the story.
What Do You Do? 2
2 What’s School Like? 10
3 What Time Do You Get Up? 18
4 What Can You Do There? 26
EXPANSION Units 1–4 34
5 What Are You Going to Wear There? 40
6 Let’s Celebrate 48
7 Then and Now 56
8 What Did You Do Last Week?
career day
today is career day at my school it’s from noon to 3:00 p.m. on career day.
write stories
play golf
make things
ride a bike
countries around the world have national holidays. of course, the holidays are on different days.
the city of petra was established around the 6th century, as the capital city of the nabataeans.
school in the united states
1. what are you going to do on sunday at school?
2. what clothes are you going to wear?
3. what are you doing on tuesday after school?
4. what clothes are you going to wear?
5. what are you doing on thursday afternoon?
6. what clothes are you going to wear?
tell what you like and don’t like to do
1. what is your favorite activity?
2. where do you do it?
3. when do you do it?
4. who do you do it with?
5. what don’t you like to do?
6. why don’t you like this activity?
write an email to afriend. write about your school.
1. what subjects do you take?
2. what is your favorite class?
3. who are your teachers?
4. does your school have sports or clubs?
5. what sports or clubs are you in?
who is coming to your school’s career day?
where do they work?
who do you want to talk to?
Faris’s day
it’s 5:00 A.M is faris at home sleeping? no, he is at the market.
he’s buying food for his restaurant. faris goes to the market six days aweek. Then , at 6:30 A.M. he goes to gym and exercises.

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