Lift Off 6 Workbook

الوحدة السابعة مادة اللغة الانجليزية للصف الثالث المتوسط الفصل الثاني
7 Around The World
Reading and speaking – work in pairs. make questions
for the answers below.
b) Listening – Number the pictures in the correct
order in Faisal’s plan.
E) Vocabulary – Match the words with the same meaning.
Reading – Write the letter for each Paragraph
In the box next to the correct title.
الوحدة الثامنة
8 Progress, Present and Plans
Reading – Work in pairs. Ask and Answer.
E) Vocabulary – Word Families: Complete the table.
a) Reading – work in pairs. Correct these sentences.
Reading – Work in pairs. What is each
paragraph (a-c) about?
Draw an arrow from each -ig verb with no auxiliary, back to the subject. The first one is done for you
Now use the correct form of the words from Exercise D in these sentences
Match these meanings with some of the words from the box
Make sentences using the present continuous
Read the passage
You are at the zoo
Complete the word puzzle with words from the lesson
Look at the book titles. Are the books about real life or are they stories? Write the letter for each book on the correct book shelf
Put these words in alphabetical order
Complete the dialogue. Use the words in brackets to help or choose your own asnwer
What do the underlined words refer to?
Write about an adventure (real or imagined) that happened to you
Read the report and tick true (T) or false (F)
Read the dialogue between the national team trainer and the team manager. Fill thhe missing information in the table
Complete the crossword puzzle with words from the lesson
Are you someone who enjoys shopping?
Write a short paragraph about how natural gas is produced
Tick true (T) or false (F)
Complete the table with the correct spelling of the verb + – ing.
Can you finde these words in the boggle box?
Complete the table
Write the opposite. Use in-, un- or dis-.
Rewrite the dialogue from Exercise F. Make it a sincere apology
Make sentences and questions with the present perfect progressive
Complete the puzzle
Make sentences with the present passive of the verbs in brackets
Read and match the sentences to the pictures. Write the correct letter in the box
Answer the questions to wreite a paragraph
Put the words in the box into four groups. Put words with similar meaning together
Finish the notes for this experiment. Use the present passive where you can
What do these words in the text refer to
Complete the table of word families
How to grow your own tomatoes
Who will have to have fresh
Complte each phrase with for or since
Reorder the letters to make words from the lesson
Read the text and complete the sentences in the past perfect
Complete the puzzle with words from the lesson

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