Grammar Book Full Blast 6

Grammar Book Full Blast 6
Can, could, may, will, would, must, have to, need (to),
etc. are modal verbs and:• they do not form all the tenses.•
they are the same in all persons, singular and plural (except for need (to) and have to).
• they form the interrogative and the negative without auxiliary verbs (do/did).• they are followed by the base form of a verb, without to.We use Can/Could/Will/Would you…?:
• to make polite requests or ask for Could and Would are more polite. Can/Could/Will/Would you give me a lift?
Now answer the questions
WE use need
ctrde the correct words
Look at the pictures and write senfences using the verbs given and mustn ‘t or don’t/doesn’t have to, as in the example
write one sentance for each of the sttuations below Use the words given and can/could/may/will/would/need/have to/must
Could I go to my friend’s house
to express ability in the present
My father can use a computer
Complete with must or can’t
What he/she needs most
He could do scuba diving when he was young
is used to emphasise the action rather than who or what is responsible for it
When it is easy to figure out who the agent is
My grandmother cooled dinner last night
Write a short paragraph preseniong your new fntelligent machine. Use the ideas you discussed with your partner in the Speaking actfvlly above
How much does it cost
If you want to go out. You have to tidy your room
Use of English
Planet Earth Quiz
Complete the blanks with the or
The Maidives are in the Indian Ocean. My turn now. The Nile
Read the text and choose a, b or c
We use the – ing form
Look at the pictures and write send eaces. Begin with the words given
Compiete the bianks in the lext by choosing a, b or c
My sister always cries when she reads that book
Circle the correct words
I saw Andy at the stadium. I couldn’t believe it
Subject. Questions – Object Questions
What tell form the top of the bulding
A vfrus damaged my computer
When did it happen
If I had a different job. I would be happier
What do you think
It’s very cold to day I We can’t go to the park
Writing: Dear Ghada
Jameel Isn’t old enough to travel alone
Complete the santences with the correct form of the phrasal verbs in the box
Read again and write T for True or F for False
Open your books to page

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