Grammar Book Full Blast 2

Grammar Book Full Blast 2
We can use a / an or numbers before them.a chair – seven chairsCountable nouns They only have a singular form and cannot be counted. We cannot use a / an or numbers before them.meat – milk – :
hair, time, weather, money, homework are uncountable any
• in affirmative sentences. There are some books on the desk.There is some milk on the table.
• in questions, when we offer or ask for something politely. Would you like some water?Can I have some milk, please?
• We use some and any with plural countable nouns and with uncountable nouns.We use some:Module
We use the Present Progressive:
. for actions that are happening now, at the moment of speaking. I am cooking now.
Look, listenl, now, at the moment, etc.
. We form the Present Progressiv with the present tense of the verb be and the main verb with the ending -ing.
My dream last night was really strange. I was at home with my cousins. We were in the kltchen and I was really hungry. But there wasn’t any food in the fridge. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It was a pizza dellvery person with five pizza boxesl I was very sad
Matt and Bruce are frlends. They live in different citlos so they often send e-maills to each other. Read part of Malt’s e-maill to Bruce and parl or Bruce’s e-maill to Matt.
Talk in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer questions about your plans for the weekend. You can use some of the verbs in the box.
We use:
. must to express obligation.
You must go now.
. mustn’t to express prohibition.
You mustn’s talk in class.
NOTE . The verb must (like can) is a modal verb. It has the same form in all persons, in the singular and in the plural. It is followed by a verb without to. The interrogative and negative are formed without do / does or don’t / doesn’t.

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