SuperGoal 1 Student Term 3

SuperGoal 1 Student Term 3
Indefinite Articles:a / an
The indefinite articlesa/ancome before singular nouns.
Useabefore words that begin with a consonant sound:aradio,acalculator,apainting.
Useanbefore words that begin with a vowel sound:anairplane,anEnglish class.

Use the imperative for commands and instructions.Saypleaseto be polite.

Do research and find out the life span of other animals, insects,or plants and say how old they are in human years.

B.Look at the information form. Look again at the questions in exerciseA. Write the question for each
piece of information. Complete the form with your information.

How OldAre They?
Flipper is a dolphin, and he is 5 years old. That isyoung for a dolphin. It is the age of an 18-year-oldperson. Flipper is a baby in human years, but he’s ateen in dolphin years.

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